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AppleTV: Apple needs to put the horse before the cart.

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If Apple had talked to app developers back in 2009, asked them to develop apps for a new mobile platform, which would be severely locked down and restricted from accessing the OS in any way, and oh yeah, they would only be allowed to distribute these apps via Apple’s locked-down storefront, which would take a 35% cut of all profits, and not allow volume pricing, upgrade pricing or bundle pricing… they most certainly would have been laughed off the planet, maybe stoned for good measure.

I’d like to give Apple the benefit of the doubt, and assume they knew this. So what they did instead was, they released a phone with no apps… a phone which was so far ahead of the competition, it quickly dominated the entire market. A year later, when the app store was proposed, developers really had no choice… it was go along with Apple’s rules, or become irrelevant.

Perhaps it would be good for Apple to remember this lesson as it struggles (allegedly) to get its (alleged) streaming TV service off of the (hypothetical) ground. Quit sitting on the new AppleTV and put it out there. Give it an app store. Give it 4k streaming. Give it gaming. Give it HomeKit control. And price it attractively for a change. (If the rumors are saying $150-$200, you know it’ll be $299. Which is stupid. And I’ll still pay. Which is stupid).

A year from now, there will be 10 million of them out there, and THEN you can go back to the TV networks and cut a deal.

Author: alexkaloostian

I'm a video editor, motion graphics designer and Mac IT consultant in the Boston area.

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