Alex Kaloostian

Apple Certified Master Trainer | Systems Integrator | Video Editor | Motion Graphics Artist

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Apple’s evolving relationship with pro creatives


Here at Apple, we like to say we are at the intersection of technology and liberal arts. Creativity has always been in our DNA, so we are really thrilled to show you the best ecosystem for creating photography, video, and any kind of media.

Today we are announcing the new Mac Pro tower. This is a beautifully engineered tower case, with room for two optical drives, four internal storage drives and four PCI slots for graphics cards, audio, and anything else, all in one beautiful, rugged package.

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Apple’s Laptop Problem

Let’s face it, I’m a shameless Apple fanboy with an impulse control problem and a high credit card limit. And if *I* can’t find a laptop I want to buy, Apple has a problem.

Okay, I know the problems of a guy like me doesn’t amount to a hill of beans as far as Apple is concerned, I just wanted to try out a click-baity headline to try to get my viewership into the double digits. Apple’s laptops are, basically, as good as ever, but you can’t deny we are in the middle of a shakeup; a transitionary period. Where Apple goes next will be interesting and even critical to a lot of my colleagues. I am hopeful for the next step, but I cant help also being really, really nervous.

First, let’s have a look at Apple’s portable offerings as of October 2015: Continue reading

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Still like Amazon, but it’s losing its luster.

My Amazon Prime membership needs to be renewed next month. I have been using it for 2 years, and pretty happy with it… though it’s been a close call. I don’t check books out, I don’t stream movies and TV. I really only use it for the free shipping. It has caused me to purchase a lot more, and a lot more spontaneously, from Amazon vs. other stores, but it hasn’t been a life changer.

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