Alex Kaloostian

Apple Certified Master Trainer | Systems Integrator | Video Editor | Motion Graphics Artist


All class files will be kept at the below links. Instructors, please visit the page before class and read all the files and guides therein, to prepare yourself for class. if you have any questions, concerns or feedback, you can email me at I welcome and encourage feedback and ideas to flesh these classes out and improve them.

The “for instructors” folder includes class slides, and a .zip, in case the keynote presentation doesn’t download properly. As well as other notes and instructions.

Files in the “for students” folder should be copied to a USB drive and given to students at the beginning of class. Or in an online class, distribute them how you wish.

Classes are continuously updated, so come back here often.

Sierra 100 – macOS Fundamentals.
These are 90% done, just need one more proofreading pass. I added some slides from Apple’s own presentation, showing off the new features. Rearranged some of the chapters, put troubleshooting at the end, so you can be as brief or as deep as you want, depending on the students’ skill level.

Note that there are several eBooks in the folder now. These are free from Apple as you can give them to departing students, or give them the link and they can download themselves. Some are ePub and work on any ebook reader, while some are iBooks and only readable on an Apple device.

Sierra Integration basics
This class is being updated by Learnquest. I am not yet certain if there will be new “official” slides. Until then, this folder includes a copy of the ElCapitan slides by me, as the official PDF, which HAS been updated for Sierra by Apple.

El Capitan 100 – OS X Fundamentals
New & updated 12/23/15. Fully updated and ready to go, barring any minor typos.

El Capitan 102 – Mac & Windows Integration
Newly updated for El Capitan, ready to go.

El Capitan Integration Basics
Basically the 301 class with some advanced slides and exercises taken out. For 1-day online classes. Updated and ready to go.

ElCapitan 300 Managing and Deploying Apple Devices
New class. Updates Yosemite 302 material for El Capitan, and includes iOS content as well.
Still under heavy construction. Final version should be done in Jan. We are waiting for Apple to update documentation for OS X El Capitan and Configurator 2.

iOS support essentials
New & updated 2-day class for iOS9. Still being updated- many typos and ugly screenshots.

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