Alex Kaloostian

Apple Certified Master Trainer | Systems Integrator | Video Editor | Motion Graphics Artist


Please excuse our dust, this page is perpetually under construction. Click (most of) the icons to download the apps.

Video apps

Shot Notes X
Import your shot lists and notes out of and into Premiere and FCPx with a couple clicks.
 Isotope RX5 Repair audio files, fix clips and pops and remove background sounds. Its like Photoshop for audio. It’s like Magic. Plug-ins for FCP and other NLEs, or the stand-alone app is $350.
 Post Haste Post Haste is a free project management tool that allows you to setup file and folder templates for your projects. Create a new project and everything’s organized, ready for you to start.

Mac utilities

52969 Duet Display
Use your iPad or iPhone as a second screen for your Mac or PC. Yes, it even supports touch! Really useful.
26704 Time Machine Editor
Change the default one-hour backup interval of Time Machine. You can change the interval or create a more sophisticated scheduling plan.
Will remove an app and all its supporting files, like the Add/Remove Programs feature in Windows, something sorely lacking in OS X. Free.
Apple RemoteDesktop
Remotely monitor and control multiple Macs, install apps, run terminal commands, take reports and more. It was worth it at $500, now its a steal for $80. App Store.
easily batch change file ownership & permissions with drag-and-drop.
Amazing amount of customization for clicking, tapping & swiping on the Magic Mouse and magic Trackpad. Turns my Magic Mouse into a killer presentation remote. Free!
  Coconut Battery
Analyze your Mac battery, count your recharge cycles, and find out if you still get the capacity you used to.
A good, free FTP client. Well, free online, $24 on the App Store.
Batch renaming of file names, much faster than doing it one by one in the finder. Lite version is free in the App Store.
Microsoft dripped WMV support on the Mac, and let these guys take over. Play WMV files on your mac with Quicktime. Free to play, $ to encode your own.
Convert almost any video format to almost any other video format. It includes queueing, previews, and presets. If you install VLC first, it will even rip DVDs better than anything else. Free.
  iStat Menus
Monitoring of disks, network bandwidth, temperature, memory usage and more. $16 and worth it.
A database of the speed & specs of everything Apple has ever made. Your mom wants to upgrade her 7-year-old iMac? This will tell you what speed RAM it takes. Free.
Crack open installer files and install just the components you want. Free.
if you use F-keys a lot, say while video editing, this little menu bar utility can let you quickly toggle the behavior of your F-Keys. A buck in the App Store.
   Property List Editor: Apple tool to easily view & edit .plist files in a readable format. Get it as part of the Xcode developer tools. Free in the App Store.
  Text Wrangler
The best darn text editor that isnt BBEdit, by the same company, strangely enough. Great find & replace, color-coding for many scripting & programming languages, edit invisible & hidden files, and edit a system file as root. Free in the App Store.
  The Unarchiver:
Will unzip all those pesky password-protected and segmented .zip files that the Mac can’t seem to unzip on its own. Free in the App Store.
  VideoLAN Client
An open source project, VLC will open every darn video file format out there. Also lets you rip DVDs with Handbrake. Free.
  Proton pack Server
An easy way to create .plist files for ASR Multicast streams. Free!
Create your own LaunchDaemons: trigger apps & scripts on any schedule, at login, at startup, or when triggered by another event. Lingon 2 for Snow leopard is $5, Lingon 3 for Lion is $3. App Store.
It only does one thing, but it does it better than anyone– repair your hard drive directory. For about $75, if you only use it once it pays for itself. This is on my Must-Have list.
 passenger  Passenger:The Mac server account creation, permissions setting, and password generation tool. Got Users? Hundreds? Thousands? Get them into your Mac OS X Server fast!

2 thoughts on “Utilities

  1. Great list of must have apps, Thanks Alex!

  2. Thanks for creating a handy list of useful Mac tools!

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