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Apple Certified Master Trainer | Systems Integrator | Video Editor | Motion Graphics Artist


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I am asked a lot for books I recommend. I’ve got a few, and here are some. I’ll be adding more soon. Also, I’m not going to lie: these are *gasp* referral links! If you plan on buying any, I’d sure appreciate if you bought them by clicking my links. No, I do not expect to feed my family with the $15 a year I’ll get from there links. Basically this is my first time experimenting with any sort of advertising or referrals at all, and I’m curious how it works.

Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut X. The A.P.T books have always been some of my favorite; you learn the software while working on real-world media. And they’re the only books authorized by Apple to help prepare you for certification.

 OS X Support Essentials: This is the book we use in Mountain Lion 101, and for preparing for the Apple Certified Support Professional exam.

 OS X Server Essentials: Covers all the major features in Mountain Lion Server and will help you with Apple Certified Technical Coordinator status.

Sadly, Apple stopped updating this book after 10.6, but the vast majority of the topics covered: Apple Remote Desktop, SSH, Scripting, Installer Packages, Disk Images, and System Image Utility, have not changed one bit. Still relevant, and packed with really useful information if you want to set up large numbers of Macs, or manage them remotely. I still refer to it all the time.
Learning Unix for OS X Mountain Lion: Going Deep With the Terminal and Shell

Your iPad at Work (Covers iOS 6 on iPad 2, iPad 3rd/4th generation, and iPad mini) (3rd Edition)

If It’s Purple, Someone’s Gonna Die: The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling

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