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Better web browsing on your Mac

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So, there are a lot of opinions out there, and they change every time a new browser is updated, but I happen to think that Apple’s own Safari is a pretty darned good browser. Its fast, its efficient, its kind to my battery, it finally supports pinned tabs and muting audio from the tab bar, and I love Reader view. But it doesn’t play nice with Flash. You can download the Flash plugin, of course, but that thing is going to cause you problems of its own, even when you don’t need it. no, I really wish to keep Safari pure and unmolested by the likes of Flash.

Now Google Chrome comes with Flash built in, but it has other problems of its own. I used to be a BIG Chrome supporter, but it has kind of sucked in the last few years. Its getting better, but its still not there. And being an Apple fanboy, I like Safari’s ability to sync to my iPhone and iPad. So what to do?

Heres what you do. Download Chrome, but use Safari day-today. When you encounter a page with Flash or another page that doesn’t play well with Safari, open it in Chrome. And to do THAT even easier, download this extension to open the current page in Chrome with a single click.

Author: alexkaloostian

I'm a video editor, motion graphics designer and Mac IT consultant in the Boston area.

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