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Apple Certified Master Trainer | Systems Integrator | Video Editor | Motion Graphics Artist

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Maybe I’m late to the game and you already know about him, but I recently discovered Rich Trouton’s awesome Apple IT blog, Der Flounder. He talks a lot about Java, security, and deployment. Check him out.

And while we are talking blogs, I’m still a fan of,, and a new friend, Funky Space Monkey, where I will be guest blogging soon!

For something completely different, my friend Trisha had been blogging about fitness and barefoot running for a while over at and another friend Coureton is blogging about his homestead and his long-term goal to go off the grid and be 100% self-sustainable. He blogs at

Happy reading!

Author: alexkaloostian

I'm a video editor, motion graphics designer and Mac IT consultant in the Boston area.

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