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Stuff Apple could buy

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With their $97 billion in cash:

  • 65 Burj Khalifas
  • A 12-core Mac Pro with 4 512GB SSD drives, a 1GB graphics card, a quad-channel fibre card, and 437,183,098 GB of RAM.
  • Mississippi
  • Anheuser-Busch, with enough left over to buy everyone in america 3 six-packs of Bud Light
  • Disney AND Sony.
  • 84 million copies of Microsoft Small Business server with the premium add-on 2011. (download only, discs would cost extra).
  • All the planes owned by Delta and United. That’s before depreciation.
  • Home Depot and Lowes
  • 1,829 TONS of gold.
  • They could send the entire population of Sacramento into space, courtesy of Richard Branson.
  • Every Major league baseball, basketball, football and hockey team, twice.
  • Boardroom seats and dinner for 12 to every red Sox game for the next 140886 years. Not counting post-season games, but lets face it, that won’t be a concern for a while.
  • Worried about iPhone competition? Apple could pay cash for Sony, Motorola, Nokia, LG, and RIM, and still have $35B left over.

Those are all fun, but if Apple’s smart, they will buy back some of their own shares. it’s still a bargain at only 9 times earnings. They could buy back almost a quarter of their shares.

Or issue a #$%&@ dividend already! C’mon, Tim!

Author: alexkaloostian

I'm a video editor, motion graphics designer and Mac IT consultant in the Boston area.

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