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Apple in the enterprise gets some high profile support

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In a bit of a shock, none other than Forrester Research has come out and put their foot down on an important issue of our time. What is it, you may ask? Well, that its finally time for us to to get over their prejudices and support Macs in the enterprise.

If you’re not familiar with Forrester, this is the equivalent of the Republican Party coming out and admitting that global warming is real, banks should be taxed more, and Project Runway is the most fabulous show on TV. Forrester has always been the calm, reliable (stuffy) voice of corporate IT, so you know they carefully considered and reasoned their argument before putting it out there. Maybe this will finally get people to sit up and listen.

“Mac users are drinking furniture polish in back hallways, getting their fix from fellow bootleggers who have blazed the trails around IT’s prohibition,” writes David K. Johnson for Forrester Research in an introduction to their study. “End user computing professionals steeped in two decades of Microsoft management traditions are either prohibiting Macs on the company network or limiting their support to executives only. It’s time to repeal prohibition and take decisive action. This document is the first in a collection in which we’ll introduce you to a new class of Mac users, explain why they matter to the business, and share how other firms successfully managing Macs are doing it. Later, we will explain the management tools available and drill into the specific technology approaches for managing Macs in a PC environment.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Unfortunately, the article is $499. Yikes. Save your money, and hire me instead! I consult. 🙂

Okay okay, here’s the article if you really want it: People Are Bringing Macs To Work — It’s Time To Repeal Prohibition

And here is Fortune Magazine’s rather amusing take: Hell Freezes Over: Forrester urges IT to support Mac

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