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Apple answers FCPX questions

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Apple has posted an official FAQ about common FCPX concerns. You can read it here.

Cliff’s notes:

Import from FCP7? No, and don’t wait around for it.
Can I import footage from my camera? Most cameras. The list is here: and mroe are being added all the time.
Capture from tape? You can Capture Now over Firewire. If you want batch capturing or exporting to or from your fancy Betacam deck or whatever, that is up to Aja, Blackmagic and others to support with plugins. Batch capture and export to/from Firewire is not supported and was not mentioned. RED footage can be transcoded to QT with RED’s free software.
Multicam? Not now; in the next “major” update.
External monitors? Desktop monitor: yes. Broadcast monitor: with a video card. Same as before.
Can I have different versions of a project? Yes, manually duplicate the project, with or without the media as you desire.
Can I specify my scratch disk location? Yes.
Share projects with other editors? Yes.
Show or hide events from my browser? Yes, unmount the drive or drag the event out of the projects folder with the Finder.
Export XML? No, but coming in a few weeks.
Export OMF, AAF, EDL? Up to third party plugins once XML export is finished in a few weeks.
Organize and export audio as tracks? Coming this summer.

And the one question a lot of companies and schools have been waiting for: Can FCPX be purchased in volume, and installed without the App Store? Volume licensing of 20+ copies will be available “Soon”.

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