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Final Cut Pro X, my first impression

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Since Apple’s launch of Final Cut Pro X last week, many people have been wanting me to comment, wanting to know my opinion. I’ve been trying to hold off because I didn’t want to get lost in the static, and I wanted to take some time to think it over. I also didn’t want to burn any bridges.

I think FCPX is a remarkable product, and an excellent start, but that’s what it is- a fresh start. If you are a solo editor with all your data stored in one location, say a backup drive or a Drobo or a server, FCPX is fantastic fun and will save you a lot of work. But if you are part of a production team and you need to share your projects with other users and other programs, definitely hold off and stick with 7 for now.

I don’t mind that Apple cut with the past and removed a lot of features that are not widely needed any more. But it bothers me immensely that they completely cut off any sales and support of the previous versions on day one. That was a ridiculous move that hurts many many people and shows just what Apple thinks about their professional audience.

Larry Jordan summed up my feelings almost perfectly, so I’ll let him speak for me.

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I'm a video editor, motion graphics designer and Mac IT consultant in the Boston area.

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