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The next big issue for IT is managing mobile devices

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I get more and more people asking about how to manage and secure iPhones and iPads in the workplace, and the answer isn’t a good one- there’s no good single answer right now. its a burgeoning industry though, and I’m sure we will see solutions by the truckload before long. Whether any of them are any good is another question.

I welcome your thoughts, and especially any solutions you’re using now. I would love to put together a class on this, if it’s feasible and there is demand. So please point me in the right direction if you’ve got any trusted apps.

This article was on Slashdot yesterday. Overly optimistic, to say the least, but a good read. What is most fascinating, however, is seeing the reaction of the Slashdot community; It’s one thing to read a pie-in-the-sky column by an optimistic writer, and its entirely another to hear what real IT professionals have to say about it. Slashdot is still the most important tech site on the internet, if you ask me. More than just headlines and press releases, this is where THE most brilliant people in the tech world congregate.

“Staff will routinely be bringing their own devices to work in five years time, according to IT industry experts in the UK. Some companies might already allow a few iPhones and iPads, but CIOs and businesses are not only going to have to support a general influx of consumer kits — they’re going to need to get a whole lot more relaxed in general. ‘Big businesses are going to have to become more flexible about how IT is provisioned and managed — to enable a new generation of workers who use consumer technologies to communicate and be productive.'”

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I'm a video editor, motion graphics designer and Mac IT consultant in the Boston area.

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