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My favorite Mac utilities

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Every time I teach an OS X class, I like to mention a few utilities I can’t live without. With the Mac App store coming, it will now be even easier to find and download apps.. and I wanted to take the time to review the apps that I cant life without at the moment. I hope you enjoy some of them too. So here are some of them, in no particular order:

You love OS X, but every once in awhile theres some little setting that drives you crazy and you wish you could change it. Like the TimeMachine backup interval time. Or showing invisible items in the finder. This Preference Pan collects dozens of secret settings in one clean, easy clickable interface. Free!

Proton Pack Server
An easy way to create .plist files for ASR Multicast streams. Free!

Hide your Terminal app and call it up with any hotkey you want. Free!

Monitoring of disks, network bandwidth, temperature, memory usage and more. $16 and worth it.

It only does one thing, but it does it better than anyone: repair your hard drive directory. For about $75, if you only use it once it pays for itself. This is on my Must-Have list.


A very user-friendly way to write LaunchDaemons. Free.

A database of the speed & specs of everything Apple has ever made. Your mom wants to upgrade her 7-year-old iMac? This will tell you what speed RAM it takes. Free.
easily batch change file ownership & permissions with drag-and-drop.

Play WMV files on your mac with Quicktime. Free to play, $ to encode your own.
Crack open installer files and install just the components you want.

Play all those pesky video codecs QuickTime doesnt understand out of the box. Free.

I trimmed this list down to the IT-related apps I mention in my classes most. For a longer and more up-to-date list, see the “downloads” link at the top of the page.

Author: alexkaloostian

I'm a video editor, motion graphics designer and Mac IT consultant in the Boston area.

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